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How to Write an Application for Late Submission of Assignment?

Late Submission Assignment Letter

Four years of college is a long, long time and emergencies happen to students all the time. Yet, truth be told, most of the times students submit their assignments late because of their tardiness or carelessness. A genuine student who needs more time because of sudden illness or serious personal difficulties would immediately contact his professor and request for an extension ‘before’ the assignment submission deadline.

Teachers know that. After all, they have been students too. And many of them to grant an extension of two-to-seven days to deserving candidates.

A delay in submitting an assignment for which you have not been granted an extension is another case. It may invite serious penalties, such as non-acceptance of your assignment and be awarded an ‘F’ (or Fail)) grade for it.

Then, there are cases where students need to turn in their assignments online, instead of the classic pen-and-paper type assignments. It is a common observation that 65% of the college and university students submit their assignments just in time and there are always about 10% of students who submit their assignments late with a dog-ate-my-homework type excuse. In the digital age, it often translates to my computer/device suddenly developed a technical glitch.

These excuses are so stale that it becomes obvious that you not only failed to do your homework but also lacked the sense to ask for assignment assistance from someone who could help you do so in time. It also shows that you could not even find a better reason for your late assignment submission!

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Reasons for late submission of Assignments – Sample Late Submission Application

A 2015 research by Keith Gregory and Sue Morgan showed that more students turned in their assignments late when a long deadline was given because they forgot when the task was due. In such cases, the students may write an application for late submission in the following manner:

Dear [Sir or Maam]

I am very sorry for the late submission of my assignment on [Subject]. I apologize for the inconvenience that it caused you and I hope that you will be able to accept it without having to alter your schedule.

The delay happened because [I fell sick/it was my sister’s a wedding/ or whatever reason]. I would like to convince you that I was genuinely not able to do it because of the above-stated reason that I am not in the habit of procrastinating things.

I have completed my assignment now and promise that I won’t repeat this mistake.

Please accept my heartfelt apology once again.

With best regards,



If you could attach a signed letter from your parents to go with a family emergency request or a doctor’s prescription for medical reasons, the chances of your assignment getting accepted will increase considerably.

How to Write an Application Letter for Late Submission of Assignment for Academic Reasons?

Those who are late because they wanted to research some more to enhance the quality of their writing piece are most certainly the rare students whom the teachers already love. Here’s a sample of the application letter for late assignment submission that they may want to use:

Dear [Sir or Mam]

I apologize for being late in turning in my [thesis/essay/assignment] on [Subject]. As I was writing my assignment, I came across some sources [You can list the sources here] and it took more time than expected in doing my research.

It was very unfortunate that I failed to approach you earlier and get an extension on the submission deadline in time. I miscalculated the time that I needed to complete my research and write it in the required format.

I know it is my fault and hope that it is not too late for you to review my assignment. I have spent a lot of time preparing it and doing my best on it.

With my sincere apologies,



It would be a good idea to seek assignment help from the assignment writing service experts who could help you add value to your essay writing.

Apology letter for late submission of Assignment

The crux of the matter is that three things that your application letter must include are:

  • A Reasonable, Sensible Excuse: While there is little that escapes the eye of experienced professors, you might still get some credit for being creative and courageous for coming up with an excuse that seems credible and believable.
  • An Apology: All teachers have busy academic schedules to go through. Your assignment or thesis is not the only thing they will have to check. They might have a pile of assignments to go through and a late submission often irritates them. Since it is your carelessness that causes this irritation and inconvenience to them, you owe them a sincere apology as a mark of respect to them and their time.
  • A Promise: It is up to the teachers to accept or reject your request. Do not take their permission for granted. If you are asking them to concede you, promise them to not repeat the same mistake and stick to your promise.

Need Help with an application for late submission of assignment?

This is a letter aiming to officially apologize for turning over the assignments well beyond the defined deadline. It will also remind the instructor of the other date on which the same applies.

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Feel free to use these ideas to convince your professor to accept your delayed assignment and let us know about your experience too.

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