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Is Burden of Rent Influencing Your Happiness?

A college student deals with various financial constraints. While most of the students take loans to support their college fees and living expenses, others rely on parental support. Various studies have proven that the high accommodation rents in the UK eat up a big chunk of student maintenance loans or grants. What they fail to recognize is that there are four times more expenses in the rent deposits and college upfront letting fees. It indeed is a grim scenario for the students.

Anxiety and depression make room in their young minds sooner than anyone desires. There is a constant pressure to succeed and make a career that comfortably soothes the mounting loan burden. It isn’t a good space to be, but, it’s the harsh reality. College students do not deserve this. They are at such a stage of life where they can do wonders, if not amount to so much pressure. Limited financial resources make students anxious and stressed. At times they begin to feel inferior to their peers who have surplus resources. While at other times they feel restricted with so many limitations and are unable to lead a free life.

Under this scenario, college students are coaxed into taking up jobs. Most of them take up part-time jobs or evening jobs. As a consequence, they are spending most of their days studying or working. There is no room for relaxing or socializing. Weekend jobs also take away the rare opportunity to visit their families.

A large percentage of college students begin to feel depressed and lonely. American Psychological Association (APA) puts this figure to about 61%. They share a whopping 30% rise in students seeking counselling assistance over the last 8-10 years. While there could be reasons beyond the rent-related stress, however, it eventually gets interlinked to reach this stage.

Why Do You Need a Rented Accommodation?

Amongst the numerous queries that arise out of this scenario is one that questions the need for staying separately. Let’s begin to understand these aspects:

  1. Many colleges that students apply to, might be situated in another city or even country
  2. Even if in the same city, a students’ college and residence might be far away; making daily travel a mundane and tiring affair
  3. Many parents and students agree to the fact that the college and hostel atmosphere does enrich a grown adult’s vision of life. So, they would rather choose to keep the student in the college hostel or nearby areas.

Even when students chose to stay at their parental place and do a daily commute to save big on their finances, they suffer differently. A tumulus daily to and fro from home to college and back isn’t that simple as it sounds. A growing population has given rise to nightmarish city life with traffic jams and pollution. Once the student reaches home after hours of struggle, he neither has the energy, nor the interest in studies. This is where their grades begin to get impacted. In scenarios like this, there is certainly no scope for assignment writing that is a required university parameter for assessments.

It becomes very difficult for a student to choose from what’s difficult and what’s more difficult. And, the stress begins to mount. Of course, there are help centres and counselling centres where they can seek professional advice and counselling. There are portals that guide you to student finance, money and funding, or websites like saving the student.

College students just need to tap into the available resources that offer help and their lives can become much simpler. Assignment assistance services help them with well laid out and comprehensive assignments on any and every subject. These organizations have empanelled experts with decades of subject knowledge and skills. Their academic writers work on essays, projects, dissertations etc. day in and day out and research scholars are credited with so many research themes. When students reach out to them for assistance, they can rest assured of an impeccable assignment. At the most affordable charges, these assignments or essays, fetch them only the top grades.

And, the stress gets controlled

One their tasks are taken care of, with minuscule financial implications, college students can spend quality time on other activities. Yes, they can now focus on their evening/ weekend jobs to strengthen their financial standing.

If you too are stressed about your landlord pestering you for the next month’s rent, focus on your job. Do not worry about your college homework, essay, project, or assignment; highly experienced professionals are doing that job for you at the most affordable charges.

Student life is the best of life and you need to live it that way. Once you let it slip out of your hands by falling prey to unnecessary stress, anxiety, or depression, it will be lost forever. So, do not waste more time in thinking and stressing about the next month’s rent. Stand up and take some action to make things happen in the correct manner.

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