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Web design and development

Do you want to find customers easily? Our web design and development services can help you get an amazing website to display your products or online services to customers.

TECSANE – A leading custom website design and development company

A good website design is one that is interactive and engaging. We create custom website designs to attract online visitors and convert them into real customers. Custom website design and development is a lot more than just choosing the fonts, colors, and images for the website. In custom website design and development, every aspect of the website is developed keeping in mind the organizational goals of the business. We ensure that it has all the essential elements to make your business more engaging and appealing to the audience. As a trusted custom web design and development company, we create unique and user-friendly websites that reflect the customers’ needs and focus on conversions.

Web design features

In today’s fast-paced world, people want to limit the time that they spend on websites and get the most out of it. Keeping this in mind, businesses and brands must make the most of the limited time that they get to interact with customers. Here are some of the web design features that we focus on for a business to expand their content reach.

Speed optimization

Even if your website has the best content for visitors, it will fail to make an impact and won’t drive conversions if it loads slowly. At TECSANE, we focus on optimizing all the elements with respect to speed. Speed optimization reduces the time taken between clicking and content. For example, in the case of images, we optimize and balance the image quality and file size such that it loads quickly. Prior to uploading any visual elements like animations, images, and videos, we try and compress the file size without any major loss of function. Speed optimization ensures that a website delivers a superior browsing experience, regardless of the device. It captures the attention of the audience and drives conversions.

Mobile-friendly layout

More than 54% of the website traffic globally comes from mobile devices. In the mobile world that we are in, customers access websites on their smartphones when they are on the move. If the website is not mobile-friendly, it will not deliver the kind of experience that customers are looking for. The end result is that a business may end up losing some or nearly all of its customers. It is important for the website to deliver the same experience regardless of the device on which it is opened. In order to create mobile-friendly websites, we make use of responsive web design. In a mobile-friendly layout, all the elements of the website, i.e., images, videos, text, and user interfaces (UIs), rescale and resize automatically according to the screen of the device on which they are opened.

Seamless navigation

Visitors prefer websites that are easy to use and navigate. A website that is easy to navigate offers visitors faster access to quality content that they require. Website navigation plays a key role in user satisfaction. If the visitors struggle to reach the product page, they are less likely to start the purchase process. People prefer websites that are clear and have a simple structure, making it easy to move between different pages. At TECSANE, we focus on prioritizing both navigation and functionality for the websites of our customers.

White space

In web design, we make use of a lot of white space to help the visitors focus on what the business wants them to see. We keep the images as large as possible according to the design and use white space to separate them from the content. White space ensures that the focus of customers is not lost and that they focus on the elements that matter the most to your business.


Why choose us for successful web design?

There are many web design companies offering the best services. However, here are the three key differentiators that make us stand out in the world of web design.

Streamlined process

We follow a streamlined and quality-driven process for web design and development. We follow a step-by-step process that ensures that the web design project flows smoothly and efficiently without any hassles. Throughout the process, we make use of QA/QC checklists and keep you regularly updated on the on-going project status.


At TECSANE, we believe that no two projects are the same, and neither is their pricing. Every web design project scope is different. Hence, we make it a point to first assess the scope of the project and provide an accurate quote. We only charge you for the precise amount of the project. We do not have any specific web design packages.

24/7 availability

Our work doesn’t end with just web design and development. Even after your website is live, we understand that issues can happen. You don’t have to face any problems alone. We are there to assist you. Whether you are having performance issues or loading issues with the website, our expert and professional support team are there to help you 24/7.