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Tips & Examples to Write An Effective Reflective Journal Assignment

A Reflective Journal provides you with an opportunity to allow literary justice to your life experiences. The writer, if it is you, gets a medium to be expressive through the most effective mode and create an impact profoundly. When you begin to pen down your journey through these experiences, it takes you back in time and sees things in a completely different light. Reflecting about what happened will certainly help broaden your perspective on life events, the way you react and then so does the world around you. In simple words, you now understand more ways to deal with the issue, than you had previously. Use creative interpretations and solve problems effectively. Journal writing, could easily be one of the most important tools for expression and reflection. However, to be able to use any tool effectively, you need some experience and exposure with the same. Essentially it is about a practice that we speak about. Practice can certainly make you perfect with anything.

But what if you need to submit a reflective journal as a college assignment? Is it as simple as starting today and penning anything that comes to mind? Guess Not! To adopt the best possible approach you need a lot of time and patience. The practice is something that couldn’t be done away with. With timely assignment help, you can sail through your college submissions comfortably. Experts who have years of experience with reflective journalism and know the reflective journal format in and out can help you with the same.

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Experts View about a Reflective Journal

The reflective journal that you plan to write will help you record descriptions of a thought that you bore in your mind, or an event that you were a participant of. For instance, you can record details about an event that you participated in: participants, highlights, topics of discussions, any specific highlight, etc. Once you conveniently jot these points down, you have all the means for a great head start on the journal.

Why would you want to do that?

  1. Why something happened. Reflecting on the event and describing minute details, will help you understand why. It can also be a great descriptor for any reader who wasn’t a part of the event. This also allows you a different perspective.
  2. Helps you free your mind. You have the means to stay engaged and productive as well. Reflecting frees you of unnecessary speculations. Giving broader access to reasoning and deciding henceforth.
  3. Justify Your Actions. When you reflect on an incident, you give due consideration to all events. Dialogues and actions that led the way to whatever culminated. You begin to understand other perspectives and allow a reaction accordingly.
  4. To Share Thoughts. We humans have a great need to connect and share experiences with others. And, a Reflective Journal is surely a good medium to do that.

If you need to work on a Reflective Journal as an assignment, always enrich it with engaging examples. Through expert help, you can understand the tips to get started and how to write a reflection example easily and effectively. Something that helps you encompass all of the above-mentioned benefits.

Experts Tips to Get Started with Your Reflective Journal

It is indeed a new experience for you. You are trying to achieve closure with something that has already happened. While you recollect and jot down the events, you are also assessing the lessons learnt. While there is no set reflective writing template, but unless you follow a process, it has all the scope to go haywire. This is where experts can guide you better.

  1. Keep the journal handy. Reflection comes from the heart and the mind and is not bound by a time frame. If you keep the journal handy, you can jot down your thoughts spontaneously. For instance, while watching a movie that shakes your soul to the core, you get some insights about life and relations. Having your journal handy can allow you the scope to secure your thoughts then and there.
  2. Be regular with writing. Reflection is not a task. It calls for spontaneity. And, to work your way towards reflective journals you need to start writing regularly. You will grow with every entry. Well begun is half done! Slowly you will reach the stage of active thinking and contemplation.
  3. Stay involved. Reflection can only happen if you participate in conversations or events. It helps collate experiences of different kinds. Participation leads to observations, summarization, and gradual contemplation of the same. For instance, if your editor asked you to review a newly opened restaurant in town. You need to experience the ambience, the hospitality, the food and more. Once you are there, speak to the staff and guests, order various items, experience the service, how will you share your views on the same.

Experts Suggestions on Examples for your Reflective Journal

Many times you just get stuck up at the most irrelevant juncture. You need a topic to start with or an example to build an episode around. But the mind is too stuck with so many things that you do not get that head start.

So, the experts at GoAssignmentHelp can help prompt you with some ideas. It will eventually invigorate your thought process.

  1. Relationships are the most meaningful subjects in our life. You can write about alive and lovely one that you have or a toxic one too. It gives so much to think and write about.
  2. You can also choose a subject being covered at your school or college that deeply impacted you.
  3. Or, write about a life incident that taught you a great lesson. In this way, you are also sharing your learning with others.
  4. Reflection comes from within, so you can speak of your aims and ambitions. Your dreams of a future life. Any career path that you have chosen or anything that gives you scope to share your heart and mind. Share logic and emotions.

Working your way through different assignments in your college life, a reflective journal could also be on the cards any time. However, with a lack of experience and exposure on the same, you can end up losing good scores. Seek assignment help in Melbourne from GoAssignmentHelp. Their team of expert journal writers will guide you through the process effectively.

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From writing, reviewing, tips or examples on the same, you can ask for anything. Reach out anytime!

Need Help with writing effective reflective journal assignment?

In the reflective journal, you are required to identify important learning experiences in your career development that have happened. You then use a standard report method to evaluate the most significant events.

We at GoAssignmentHelp, a leading assignment help services with the best and experienced assignment Writers based in Brisbane operating online in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin and across the major cities of Australia can help you with assignment writing services in essays, research papers, thesis, dissertation, homework.


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Popular Career Options in Math Stream for You

No matter how frightful this subject was in school but mathematics does offer a bright career to the students. A degree in mathematics can bring amazing career opportunities to you in sectors you may never have even considered. Whether it is specialized fields such as law, medicines, banking, the business sector, accountancy and teaching, having a strong base in mathematics can brighten up your careers. With the increasing importance of big data, artificial intelligence, and data analytics in various industries role of mathematics has become much prominent in every field. So if you find online math tutors as the most interesting and pleasing subject and you look forward to making a career with it, here are some of the best career paths that you can choose.

Career Options in Mathematics


Whether it is investment banking or retail banking, you can build a lucrative career in the banking industry with a degree in mathematics. Some fields might require additional knowledge of finance but if you are good with math you will likely succeed. You can work in different specialization such as shares, bonds, acquisitions, privatization and mergers. You may also work as an investment banker and provide financial advice to different companies and businesses. If you think you need guidance in mathematics you can avail our online assignment help in Australia and strengthen your math concepts.


Accountancy in itself is a vast field which includes multiple career options for the students. You can choose the field of management accounting, forensic accounting, taxation, auditing or corporate finance. Some of the fields may require professional qualifications as well apart from your mathematics degree. You will require analytical and problem-solving skills along with creativity. You might have to work with teams and give financial advises or estimate risks for the company.


Economists have a significant position in different fields whether it is healthcare, education or environment. You will be studying the problems on the economy and drawing solutions for them. This will involve your financial and mathematics skills as you will analyze data to draw certain conclusions. You can also get into some research work and present it in various journals.


This field is all about presenting data, interpretations and data analysis. You can work as a statistician in various industries including sports, finance, education, government and healthcare. You will be conducting surveys, collecting data and preparing reports on it. Your reports and interpretations will then help your organization in making certain financial decisions. This field requires that you also have some good communication and IT skills. With our services like mathematics assignment help, you can learn all about statistics and reinforce your concepts easily.

Operational Research

Operational Research deals with analyzing data to solve various problems that businesses often experience. For example, you will be collecting data about the production and sales of goods to determine the factors that can generate profits for the company. You might also be creating simulations for the solutions that you provide.

Computer Science and Information Research

If you have a blend of interests in technology as well as mathematics then this field can be very rewarding for you. It requires that you create expert solutions that can be used by different businesses, government or healthcare departments. You need to be well-versed with the computing languages, algorithms and tools. You might work with engineers and do researches as well.


This field is a combination of economics, mathematics, business and risk assessment. The job involves different roles such as analyzing potential risks for the company, giving financial advice and dealing with complex data. You might also have to explain the financial information to different people such as clients or staff members in a way that is convenient for them as they might not understand the financial terms as you. It also opens up opportunities to work in the banking sector or insurance companies.

Teaching and Academia

Mathematics holds vast potential in discoveries, researching new theories and applications. If you think research is your forte you can work in universities and gain specializations. Moreover, if you think you can teach those complex concepts of algebra, linear equations, trigonometry or arithmetic you can try a career in teaching. Depending upon the institution you are teaching you may require an additional teaching qualification. Teaching career will also give you a good chance to pursue research work.


Engineering offers a career where you can apply your mathematical skills in solving real-life problems. People with mathematics degree can work in the aeronautical, mechanical and structural engineering fields. Although you generally require engineering degree as well as good knowledge of mathematics certain experience in the field and internships can make you applicable for engineer level jobs as well.

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So you can see that mathematics can lead you to different career paths. It is a subject that helps in gaining some important skills such as analytical, problem-solving, decision-making, critical thinking, time management, teamwork and logical thinking. Apart from these careers meteorology, scientific research, management consultancy and astrology are also some popular careers that mathematics degree holders choose. So do the math, evaluate your interests and pick up a career of your choice. Moreover, if you anytime feel that you need assistance in math coursework our experts are always available for your help. Feel free to discuss your math homework problems anytime with us.

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How to Write an Application for Late Submission of Assignment?

Late Submission Assignment Letter

Four years of college is a long, long time and emergencies happen to students all the time. Yet, truth be told, most of the times students submit their assignments late because of their tardiness or carelessness. A genuine student who needs more time because of sudden illness or serious personal difficulties would immediately contact his professor and request for an extension ‘before’ the assignment submission deadline.

Teachers know that. After all, they have been students too. And many of them to grant an extension of two-to-seven days to deserving candidates.

A delay in submitting an assignment for which you have not been granted an extension is another case. It may invite serious penalties, such as non-acceptance of your assignment and be awarded an ‘F’ (or Fail)) grade for it.

Then, there are cases where students need to turn in their assignments online, instead of the classic pen-and-paper type assignments. It is a common observation that 65% of the college and university students submit their assignments just in time and there are always about 10% of students who submit their assignments late with a dog-ate-my-homework type excuse. In the digital age, it often translates to my computer/device suddenly developed a technical glitch.

These excuses are so stale that it becomes obvious that you not only failed to do your homework but also lacked the sense to ask for assignment assistance from someone who could help you do so in time. It also shows that you could not even find a better reason for your late assignment submission!

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Reasons for late submission of Assignments – Sample Late Submission Application

A 2015 research by Keith Gregory and Sue Morgan showed that more students turned in their assignments late when a long deadline was given because they forgot when the task was due. In such cases, the students may write an application for late submission in the following manner:

Dear [Sir or Maam]

I am very sorry for the late submission of my assignment on [Subject]. I apologize for the inconvenience that it caused you and I hope that you will be able to accept it without having to alter your schedule.

The delay happened because [I fell sick/it was my sister’s a wedding/ or whatever reason]. I would like to convince you that I was genuinely not able to do it because of the above-stated reason that I am not in the habit of procrastinating things.

I have completed my assignment now and promise that I won’t repeat this mistake.

Please accept my heartfelt apology once again.

With best regards,



If you could attach a signed letter from your parents to go with a family emergency request or a doctor’s prescription for medical reasons, the chances of your assignment getting accepted will increase considerably.

How to Write an Application Letter for Late Submission of Assignment for Academic Reasons?

Those who are late because they wanted to research some more to enhance the quality of their writing piece are most certainly the rare students whom the teachers already love. Here’s a sample of the application letter for late assignment submission that they may want to use:

Dear [Sir or Mam]

I apologize for being late in turning in my [thesis/essay/assignment] on [Subject]. As I was writing my assignment, I came across some sources [You can list the sources here] and it took more time than expected in doing my research.

It was very unfortunate that I failed to approach you earlier and get an extension on the submission deadline in time. I miscalculated the time that I needed to complete my research and write it in the required format.

I know it is my fault and hope that it is not too late for you to review my assignment. I have spent a lot of time preparing it and doing my best on it.

With my sincere apologies,



It would be a good idea to seek assignment help from the assignment writing service experts who could help you add value to your essay writing.

Apology letter for late submission of Assignment

The crux of the matter is that three things that your application letter must include are:

  • A Reasonable, Sensible Excuse: While there is little that escapes the eye of experienced professors, you might still get some credit for being creative and courageous for coming up with an excuse that seems credible and believable.
  • An Apology: All teachers have busy academic schedules to go through. Your assignment or thesis is not the only thing they will have to check. They might have a pile of assignments to go through and a late submission often irritates them. Since it is your carelessness that causes this irritation and inconvenience to them, you owe them a sincere apology as a mark of respect to them and their time.
  • A Promise: It is up to the teachers to accept or reject your request. Do not take their permission for granted. If you are asking them to concede you, promise them to not repeat the same mistake and stick to your promise.

Need Help with an application for late submission of assignment?

This is a letter aiming to officially apologize for turning over the assignments well beyond the defined deadline. It will also remind the instructor of the other date on which the same applies.

We at GoAssignmentHelp, a leading assignment help services with the best and experienced assignment Writers based in Brisbane operating online in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin and across the major cities of Australia can help you with assignment writing services in essays, research papers, thesis, dissertation, homework.

Feel free to use these ideas to convince your professor to accept your delayed assignment and let us know about your experience too.

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Latest PISA Results: Australia Vs the World

The Programme for International Student Assessment or PISA was started in 2000. It is a survey conducted to assess the readiness of the students for life beyond their curriculum knowledge. In this survey, student data is collected in the context of their knowledge and skills. Every three years students are assessed in three different literacy fields namely math, reading and science. Australia is also one of those countries that participate in this survey. In this article, we would like to discuss how well Australia has performed in the Programme for International Student Assessment.
PISA Results

Australian achievement in PISA since 2000

Why is PISA Important for Australia?

  • The subject experts of our assignment writing service believe that PISA is indeed a great initiative for the betterment of Australia’s education system. PISA provides a common framework to Australia against which it can monitor how well the Australian educational institutions are performing on a global level.
  • PISA provides a lot of necessary information to Australia for developing new policies as well as can easily signify the areas of progress and decline in the education system. Hence, this survey holds a good importance for the overall improvement of the education quality in Australia.
  • It gives a good opportunity for Australia to compare its students on a global scale and examine how well prepared they are for facing real-life scenarios and competition. From this survey, the educational institutions get an insight into where do they need to work upon on the students.
  • Moreover, Australia gets a good chance to compare itself with its own performance in the past years. It is always important to compare your own progress from the past if you want to know where you are heading. With PISA results, Australia can easily measure the effects of every policy change on the education system and students.

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Some Key Findings of The PISA 2015 Assessment

PISA 2015 assessment

Percentage of students achieving the national proficient standard

Australia was also one of the 72 countries that participated in PISA 2015. Almost 758 Australian schools and 14530 students of Australia took part in this survey. But, the PISA results for 2015 were not really good for Australia. The country had a steady decline in terms of international comparisons. According to the results, Australia performed 10th in science, 20th in math and 12th in reading. This score was significantly low than the scores of 2012 when Australia was 8th in science, 17th in math and 10th in reading. Let us now look at how Australia performed as compared to the average OCED scores.

  • Mathematical Literacy
    Australia scored 494 points whereas the mean score of OCED was 490. Australia was notably under 19 countries. The diversity was also seen in the overall mathematical literacy in Australia as almost 61% of students who reached the National Proficient Standard were from the Australian Capital Territory. On the other hand, the percentage of such students was only 44% in Tasmania.
  • Scientific Literacy
    The OECD average score of scientific literacy was 493 while Australia scored a total of 510 points notably well. Expect in Tasmania and the Northern Territory all other states performed very well. A total of 61% students in Australia reached the National Proficient Standard in the scientific literacy category. Also, 11% of the students were under the category of high performers and almost 18% were under the category of low performers. This means that only a handful of students are actually performing well.
  • Reading Literacy
    Australia scored a total of 503 points whereas the OECD average was 493. All the states performed well but yet again Tasmania and the Northern Territory were the low performers.

We understand that life skills are equally important to curriculum knowledge. Our subject experts always aim at guiding students in both ways. With services like assignment help in Canberra, we aim at providing complete assistance to students in subjects that they find difficult to cope up with. The PISA results show that there is a significant learning gap among the students, especially in math. It has been estimated that the students of Australia are almost one and a half years behind as compared to Singapore which is currently leading the charts of PISA. Not only this, they are one year behind in science and one year behind in reading. This is quite a matter of concern for Australia.

Andreas Schleicher, the head of the OECD’s education directorate states that the countries that are performing well today have a completely different perspective towards education. They give much importance on uplifting the teachers as they are the ones who play a major role in the student’s progress in life. If teachers are supportive students can do everything.

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According to Mr Schleicher, teachers from other countries like Singapore not just deliver education but develop innovative teaching practices. He also added that the teachers in Australia have to deal with significant challenges which hinder their growth. Australia should rather provide more support and help in making the teaching process more intellectual and engaging.

PISA digs over some imperative questions that every country’s educational system should consider. It focuses on determining if the 15-year-old Australian students are prepared enough for life-long learning. It assesses if the schools are capable of producing students who can handle the adult-life. It gives an insight into whether the schools are actually doing something for the immigrant students and for those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. The PISA 2018 assessment process is soon going to begin from the end of July 2018. Are you prepared for it?

Assignment Help

Tips for Your Assignment Cover Sheet with Example

Assignment writing is an obligatory part of the academic career. Students often receive different types of homework, essays, assignments, and projects. All of them contribute a significant amount of marks in their overall class performance. Apart from that, they are a good way to teach some practical, problem-solving, research, analytical and writing skills to the students. Therefore students must pay much attention to the assignments, their writing, and presentation if they want to receive good grades. The first thing that your teachers assess in your assignments is their cover page. Today we will talk about how you can write your cover sheet in the best possible way with examples.

What is An Assignment Cover Sheet?

Generally, students studying at the universities have to prepare a cover sheet or title page for their assignments. This page contains some meta-information about the student and their respective assignment. You can easily get your cover page made by our assignment writing service. The information and components of a cover page depend on the size of the project. Many times the instructors provide a template or certain guidelines to the students about how they need to create their cover page. Even if you have no idea how to create a cover sheet for your assignment our assignment writers will help you do so. You can find free cover page samples on our website.

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Why Cover Page Important in All The Assignments?

You might have heard of the famous saying the first impression is the last impression. Your cover sheet is the thing that can either make or break your grades because it is the first thing that your instructor will notice. Although it is just a cover it can put an immediate impact on your readers. For example, if your cover page is not composed properly. It has some formatting mistakes or some incomplete information. Then your instructor may get an impression that this student is not serious enough for the assignment.

On the other hand, suppose your cover sheet is well designed. It has all the necessary information about your assignment title. It is properly formatted with no spelling errors. It would immediately put a good impression of yours over your instructor and they will be willing to read your assignment further. Also if you design your cover page according to your institution’s template, it will show your sincerity towards your work.

What Are The Essentials of A Cover Page?

The most important thing that all our assignment providers also stress upon is that the cover page of an assignment should be compelling enough. It should give a reason for the reader to dive into your assignment. You must understand that if your teacher is putting their 5 minutes on your assignment then you should make them feel that they are not wasting their time. Here is a list of some common elements that a cover page should include in general:

  1. Title of the assignment
  2. Subject
  3. Student’s information: Name and Id
  4. Instructor’s Information: Name, Designation, Department
  5. Date of submission
  6. University Information

Along with providing this complete information, there are a few things that you may consider while formatting your title page. Do not put a background image over your cover page. Use clear and readable fonts. Avoid any fancy ones. Give proper bold headings. Lastly, do take care of the line spacing.

The formatting of the cover page may also vary as per your referencing style selection. Let us discuss the three common referencing formats here:

  • Modern Language Association (MLA)
    This referencing format is generally used in the humanities and arts field. Traditionally this format does not include a cover page necessarily. But your instructor may give you their guidelines to create a cover page with this referencing style. Hence if you are using MLA make sure that you get complete guidance from your instructor about the cover sheet. Here is an MLA format cover sheet sample for your reference.
    Sample MLA Format Cover Page:
    MLA cover sheet
  • American Psychological Association (APA)
    The APA referencing format is used in the social sciences fields. The students have to keep Times New Roman as the font style and the recommended font size is 12. The cover page includes a header, title of the assignment, the writer’s name and the name of the institution. Students can also include author notes on the cover page. Here is an APA format cover sheet sample for your reference.
    Sample APA Format Cover Page:
    apa cover sheet
  • Chicago Manual of Style (CMS)
    The Chicago Manual of Style referencing format is also used in the field of humanities and arts. The students are given two choices to choose from how they want to make their title page. You can either create a separate cover sheet or you can also include your title on the first page of the assignment text. Generally, your instructor will specify you at the beginning itself how you need to create your title page. Here is a CMS format cover sheet sample for your reference.
    Sample CMS Format Cover Page:
    cms cover sheet

We Can Help You Create The Best Cover Page For Your Assignment

We hope that you might have understood why a decent cover page is important for your assignments. If you think that you need any assignment writing help in creating your cover sheet, you can always consider our cover page templates. Whether you are working on an essay, research paper, lab report or any other kind of classroom assignment, we can provide a cover page as per your requirements. Moreover, you can also find some cover page sample on our website based on different referencing formats stated above. Feel free to contact our customer service team and get your cover sheet done precisely today.

Need Help with assignment cover sheet?

You should be aware of the necessity of a perfect assignment cover sheet or work cover page when you are university students. This is a type of paper that the students use when their university assignments are finished. The cover pages contain the student name and number of course, etc.

We at GoAssignmentHelp, a leading assignment help services with the best and experienced assignment Writers based in Brisbane operating online in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin and across the major cities of Australia can help you with assignment writing services in essays, research papers, thesis, dissertation, homework.


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How To Ask For Assignment Extension With Request Letter Sample?

Time management is what every student wants to get better within their academic life especially when it comes to assignments.  No matter how much you plan your time or try to stay organized there are times when things go out of order. Adhering to the deadlines is crucial as it keeps you involved in studies at a consistent rate and gives you a sense of progression. But when situations become a little stressful it might be difficult for you to manage everything together. At that time, taking an extension on your assignment can be the most righteous choice for you. In this article, you will find how and why you should ask for an extension. We have also provided a sample letter asking for an assignment help extension for your reference.

When Should I Ask For An Extension?

There might be times when you get bored of doing homework writing and wonder can anybody do my assignment for me? If you anytime feel that studies are difficult to handle, you can always seek guidance from the assignment experts. But if you are looking for an extension you must have a better reason than this. The most straightforward sign that you should ask for an extension is when you think you need some more time to prepare a captivating assignment. Sometimes you may feel that if you get some more time you can add up a few interesting things to your project.

Another situation can be when you lack clarity and have no idea how to proceed with your assignment. You might not want to submit an incomplete assignment because it can affect your grades a lot. There may also be some external factors that are beyond your control such as your ill-health, inescapable personal circumstances or family issues which do not let you focus on your studies well. Instead of feeling embarrassed and just blaming things you can ask for an extension so that you can keep up with your grades.

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How to Ask For An Extension?

  • Do not wait until last
    Before you ask for an assignment extension you should consider other options such as taking help from your friends or tutors to complete the assignment on time. You can also buy assignment online from an assignment writing service. Taking additional online assignment help will save you time as well as make it easier for you to handle multiple things. But if you are sure that you want an assignment extension then you should do it as early as possible. Waiting until the last moment may not put a good impression on your professor as they might think that you were just procrastinating.
  • Have a genuine reason
    Another thing that you should make sure is that you put across a genuine reason for getting the extension. You can simply explain everything to your professor in an email and if your reason is legitimate enough then you will surely get the extension.  Sometimes if you have a good impression already on your professor because you are hardworking and punctual all the time, it becomes quite easier for you to get the extension.
  • Plan your time beforehand
    Students should also have a clear idea of how much extra time do they need for completing the assignment writing task.  If you ask for a little extra time only, there are chances that you will miss the new deadline as well. If you ask for too much extra time, there are chances that your professor may deny because they also have to adhere to their deadlines to keep things going in order. Hence, you should always plan how much exact time will you require and convey the same to your professor.

Sample Letter Asking For An Assignment Extension

To, Dr Smith Jones

Faculty of Arts and Science

University of Victoria

June 25, 2018



Nichole Brown

Student Id: 4278D

Subject: Extension request to Philosophy Assignment Deadline

Respected Dr Smith,

I am writing to request an extension of time to complete an assignment due in P1S001. For the past few weeks, I have been dealing with an ongoing illness. I was not in a condition to work or study.  Hence, I was unable to do any work on my assignment these days. I have not yet completed a fair part of the assignment and I think that I need some extra time to research and write it.

The original due date for submission is July 15, 2018. I regret that I will not be able to complete the assignment on time. Hence I request you to kindly grant me an extension of 15 days. I expect to complete the assignment by July 30, 2018. I have also attached a copy of my medical report and doctor’s analysis of my poor health for any proof that you may require.

I thank you for your kindness and consideration of this request. Please let me know your decision at your earliest convenience


Nichole Brown

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Getting out of your comfort zone is a good ideology to follow. Many times students exhaust themselves to make their assignments the best. Asking for an extension may seem a little daunting to you in the first place. But it is a wise decision rather than beating yourself up to make things happen. Your health and wellness, whether it is physical or mental should be your utmost priority.

Need Help with Assignment Extension Letter?

Everyone can face situations that prevent them from completing tasks on time, no matter how committed and active you are. That, of course, can be done in a way that minimizes the chance of low marks or failure. Professional Assignment Extension Experts near you are ready to write it for you!

We at GoAssignmentHelp, a leading assignment help services with the best and experienced assignment Writers based in Brisbane operating online in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin and across the major cities of Australia can help you with assignment writing services in essays, research papers, thesis, dissertation, homework.

For getting instant assignment solution buy assignment online by getting amazing discount offers.

Assignment Help

How An Examiner Check Your Assignment?

Writing an assignment is an art form in itself. It consists of the students profound researching skills, thousands of man-hours worth of drafting, setting the arguments and getting original findings based on arguments. Despite doing all the hard work, it is unfortunate that most of the examiner disapprove of the content that has been presented to them.

assignment helpThe prime reason for the assignment not been approved by an examiner is that it lacks some basic structures that are required to make a sturdy assignment. Most of the students do not put in all-out efforts to assimilate data. This is one of the major reasons why students simply start to stuff in random data that makes the assignment look clumsier and hereby causing the examiner to lose interest in it.

This adversely affects the grade of the student and gives a negative impact on the individual itself. One of the ways of solving such a situation is by getting assignment help services in Melbourne that offer you to write good assignments.

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What is An Examiner Looking for In Your Assignment?

In order to avoid such scenarios, we present to you some handy tips that will help you know exactly what an examiner is looking in for in an assignment so that it could be easily be approved without any hassles.

Using The Right Sources You Are Collating Information From

It is always essential before starting with any amount of groundwork, you as a student need to pay attention to the instructions that are given by the examiner. It is important that you follow those instructions thoroughly and in case of doubts, you should approach the examiner and clear the queries. Also ensure that when you start collating information, the sources you pick should be genuine in nature.

Examiner’s Interests Should be Held through the Flow of Language

While reading through your assignment, the examiner should start aligning to your thought process. This will only happen if you are able to write crisp and concise sentence structures. Though the assignment should have an academic proficiency style of writing, it should be simple and understandable. This will help the assignment to get to the examiner as a reader-friendly write-up.

Perfect Curation of Content

It is observed most of the times that a student tends to accumulate various data sources and content through a lot of research. Unfortunately, when it comes down to structuring and curating the content, the student tends to fall flat. Most of the times a lot of students infuse unwanted data that makes the assignment weak and unreadable. Examiners detest such kind of assignments. Hence, a strong assignment should have followed all the instructions and should have a strong table of content, the right font and font size, introduction, indexes, citations, so on and so forth. This will keep the interest of the examiner alive as he/she reads through your assignment.

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Use of Professional Language

assignment help australiaWriting an assignment is vastly different from writing an average write-up. One needs to have a technical proficiency to be able to place the arguments using the right set of words. This makes the whole assignment a top-notch reader. Examiners highly prefer to read arguments that have a high amount of technical eloquence. It can be difficult for students to write in that flow because of the lack of command over the language. This is where professional assignment writing services play a crucial role to save your day.

Is Your Assignment Plagiarised

No Examiner will entertain plagiarised content. They usually have a zero-tolerance policy for such methods. Ensure that when you do an assignment, it should be in your own words. You can refer to sources and get ideas from it, but copying the same data is an absolute no. Writing the assignment plagiarism free shows the efforts you have put in completing it and also garners respect from the examiner.

Is Your Literature Good Enough

When an examiner goes through an assignment, the assignment is expected to exhibit an all-inclusive understanding of the literature. Examiners are never merely satisfied by explanations, descriptions, or listings. It should be a culmination of different aspect that has a meaningful flow and is a rationale. The examiner reading the assignment should be able to interpret the literature and should not get lost while analyzing the claims.

Does The Assignment Convince The Examiner

A well-justified assignment will have the power to convince the Examiner to approve your thesis. Hence you should make sure that you cover all the aspects, be it strength or limitation. This makes the assignment a lot more realistic rather than just sticking out to pre-planned or pre-conceived notions.

Could This Assignment Be Published

Finally, at the end of the day, every Examiner is in search of that coveted assignment that could be published. The Examiner maintains a high form of scrutiny wherein the assignment is assessed for originality, justification, and does it have the means to make an impact of changing the ways most people think about the subject.

Bearing these points in mind, you will be able to create sufficient steam to come up with a well-prepared assignment. Always, remember when you do write an assignment, ensure that you try and encompass the examiner’s perspective and viewpoint too. This will make your assignment a lot more justified and will have a right balance that will enable you to conveniently and compel the examiner to appreciate the assignment and hopefully manage to score some brownie points!


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Nursing Assignment Topic Ideas

Nursing students across all Australian universities have almost always juggled with regular assignment/dissertation/project submission requirements. In most cases, it ends up being a troublesome requirement that they have to compulsorily work towards, despite their already busy schedules. With full-day classes at the university, hospital internships, and regular exams, they begin looking for professional Nursing Assignment for them to deal with these productively. This is where they begin to look for Nursing Assignment Help.

GoAssignmentHelp is the pioneer in assignment help and leads the brigade with impeccable assignment deliveries. The team of assignment experts is more than capable of assignment writing for all subjects being taught in different universities around the country. There is a dedicated team of SMEs for every one of them. The experts focus not just on assignment writing but helping the student build an inside and out comprehension about the concerned topic/theme. They also assist the student in clarifying doubts and helping him prepare a comprehensive schedule for the upcoming exams. Â So, it’s an overall approach that is being looked into.

Australian universities have successfully attained world fame for high standards of education and infrastructure. The country in itself offers a great tourist destination with pristine beaches and amazing architectural setup. This becomes the pull factor to attract several international students every year. They take admissions in different courses and also work part-time to intermingle in the new social system and strengthen their financial standing. However, once again that becomes a reason for lack of time to finish their assignments in time.

With an end to end assistance with their Nursing assignments, students can utilise the available time for leisure, playing a sport, participating in social or cultural activities, or simply revising the syllabus. In simple words, there is no rush to finish for anything. And, that in itself is a performance enhancer. However, one thing that holds is that identifying unique and interesting topics for nursing assignment isn’t a child’s play. However, to be able to do that is very much required to capture the evaluator’s interest.

Nursing Assignment Topics & Ideas

Our Nursing assignment writers have offered some unique topics for your assignments. You can have a look here.

  1. Critical Thinking In Nursing
  2. Influencing The Future Of Nursing And Health Care
  3. Ethical Dilemma In Nursing
  4. Philosophy Of Nursing
  5. Impact Of Communication On Safety In The Operating Room
  6. Pathophysiology
  7. Nursing Care Of The Child Theory And Practicum Nursing Research Article Critique
  8. Compassion Fatigue
  9. Impact Of Media In Portrayal Of Nurses
  10. Nurse As A Profession
  11. De-Escalation The Patient’s Aggression
  12. Nursing In Family
  13. Emergency Nursing
  14. Alternative Medicine And Nursing Assignment
  15. Future of Nursing

When students connect to us for instant assignment help, our customer team connects them to the subject experts for a detailed interview. This interview encompasses establishing a mutual understanding of the process to put together a unique Nursing assignment. They discuss all aspects in and out. From identifying and finalizing a theme to the sources of data collection, research methodology, and conclusion. The ghostwriters bring the student on the same page before he sets out to work on the assignment.

Purpose of Giving Assignment Writing Task

nursing assignment topicsAssignment writing is a compelling method for evaluating students knowledge and understanding of the said subject. Our team of expert essay writers, SMEs, research scholars, data analysts, and proof-readers offer the most well researched, unique and error-free Nursing Assignments. We make our assignments easily understandable by using the simplest of language, well supported by diagrammatic representations and examples. Since it is a required university mandate to use precise Australian English, we stick to that. We understand that this becomes an add-on task for the international students who are not so conversant with the language.

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Once done that, the student is now free from all issues and concerns and use the time wisely and leisurely on other things. He can enhance his understanding of the subject by applying for hospital/clinic internships. And, using the opportunity to serve patients by undertaking the responsibilities of a qualified Nurse. This is something they can never do unless they have enough time and free mind at their hands.

Once you decide to tread this path, feel free to reach out for our expert assignment assistance. As we mentioned above, we will offer you unique assignments on some of the best essay topics that capture the essence of the topic perfectly. A topic that holds smooth relevance in the current times and something that invigorates the interest of the reader as well. You can chat or call with our customer service team 24/7 since we are always working to offer assignments within deadlines. We will ensure a smooth process to build trust in assignment writing services and a long-lasting relationship with online assignment help.

Need Help with a Nursing Assignment?

We know how hard it can be to achieve your certification and how much time and energy it takes, our nursing professional writing services are available on our website to ease some of that pressure and help you get stressed out.

We at GoAssignmentHelp, a leading assignment help services with the best and experienced assignment writers based in Brisbane operating online in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin and across the major cities of Australia can help you with assignment writing services in essays, research papers, thesis, dissertation, homework.

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Guidelines to Prepare a Good Marketing Research Report

Marketing Research Report

A research proposal or report is a high form of structured documentation that encompasses an oral or written presentation to management describing a research project’s purposes, procedure, conclusions, and endorsements. Stereotypically, written lab reports have more depth and insight as compared to an oral report.

While talking about a marketing research report, it is an essential part of planning a business and it facilitates as an organized way to collate information with regards to the market trends or knowledge about a potential client. Such a precise document requires the highest form of writing ethics and should be concise. In order to achieve such feet, professional assignment writing services such as marketing assignment help can relieve you greatly by writing a sophisticated and professional documentary piece.

While you could use the help of professional research paper help services for writing a research report, you could also manage to do it on your own. With a bit of conviction and some handy guides on how to write a good report, you may just get the document the way you desire. Presenting below are some standard guidelines that need to be followed in order to achieve an all-inclusive marketing report.

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How to Write a Marketing Report?

Firstly, one has to gain a clear understanding that the marketing report is made in order to accomplish the following objectives.

  • Deliberate the important points of a precise, concise and complete research report.
  • Sketch the elements of an Executive Summary.
  • Describe the resolve of the Executive Summary.
  • Understand the different types of charts and tables that are used in research reports

The Template

research report

A basic research report comprises three parts; an Introduction, the Body and finally the Appendices.

The Introduction consists of a Title Page, Transmittal letter, Authorization Letter, Table of Contents and the Executive Summary.

The Body comprises of the introduction, background, methodology, findings, and limitations of the study, conclusions, and Recommendations.

Finally, the Appendices will contain Questionnaires, Data tables, calculations, bibliography.

An Overview

This being the opening section of your report, your job is to outline the background problem that you wish to find a solution to. You need to add the situation and the circumstance that has got you to write the report in the first place. The overview should be precise and should not exceed more than 200 words.


This is the most important section of the report. This section emphasizes the purpose of creating this report. The objectives should be strictly be stated in point format. Attempt to describe 3 to 5 objectives of your marketing report. These 3 or 5 points shall then be the basis that the report will revolve around.

Directed Audience

To get the maximum yield of your report is only generated if the reports are targeted to a specific audience. This audience should be familiarized with similar interests. This will help grab more eyeballs. The target audience should be based on demographics, psychographics, life stages, and company/ product interaction

Performing Situational Examination

When performing an analysis, there should be a fine balance that should be maintained between the consumer and the surveying of the company. There exist two forms of analysis; internal and external. This analysis can be performed using tools like SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat) or PESTEL (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Ethical and Legal Analysis). These tools are great identifiers that help organizations to identify what gives them a competitive edge over others.

Methods for Research

Include the best suitable research that will help you prepare the report. Be innovative. Do not hesitate you use an off-beat path to arrive at conclusions. The important thing about the report is that the data present in the report should cover all aspects and should be inexhaustible. Some of the experts who offer to provide services especially MBA assignment help, ensure that their research methods are extremely sharp. This makes your report a lot more noteworthy.

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Presenting a Consolidated Budget

marketing report

Budgeting is the most complex aspect of a marketing report. Ensure that you do all your calculations in the most efficient manner. Tabulating the budget systematically and breaking it down to a simpler calculation can make the report rather strong and more convincing.

Including Timeline Charts

Every marketing project should have an estimated timeline. Ensure that your report has a chart included that show the milestones you can achieve and what are the tasks that can be completed on a regular basis. A chart like GANTT or PERT can be used to display data based upon the need of the project.

Establishing an Effective Marketing Strategy

A marketing report will hold of great value only if you can devise a great marketing strategy. The marketing strategy should be mainly based on Product, Price, Promotion, and Place. All these areas should be well defined and justified. Doing this will add more value to the report and will enable to create that business interest in a reader.

Writing a comprehensive market report is a challenging task. But if the rules are followed and the procedures are understood, it will be an enjoyable experience to write the report. Remember you need to be passionate about the marketing aspect of the business. The report should be well rounded and should make the reader think outside the box and should be able to influence their thought process. Once you have achieved these points, one could say that the resultant marketing research report has served its purpose.

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How to Score A+ in Statistics and Economics Assignments?

As you tread your way to a great career, your choice of subjects in the college, and eventual knowledge and understanding in the concerned holds great significance. What you want to become in your life is guided by how strong-willed you are to reach there. However, in the present day scenario, college students across different courses are observed to deal with serious levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. Several factors can be held responsible for the same. Like excess workload, competition, peer pressure, and bullying. When students are suffering from an emotional roller coaster, it becomes difficult to perform well on all fronts. Assignment writing being one of them.

But the task holds so much significance that a less than the desired level of performance opens a cumulative tumble downhill. Bad grades in assignment writing enhance the pressure of excelling at their exams to average out the grades. This means attaining an immense understanding of the subject and dealing with cut-throat competition. However, professional assignment help services today come to the rescue of all college students by offering exemplary Statistics Assignment Help, Biology Assignment Help, Mathematics Assignment Help, or help with any other subject. These professional service providers understand the curriculum of the universities and work in line with the guidelines on assignment writing.

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Expert helpOutsourcing your assignment to subject experts can never be simpler. One just needs to share the exact requirements in terms of the kind of assignment he is looking for. Like a case study, dissertation, project, or white paper. Secondly, he can share their thoughts on what they want to include, a topic/ theme of choice etc. with the expert. So it all begins with a detailed interview between the assigned expert and the student. At this stage, all expectations are clarified. Once that is done, the student can surely breathe a sigh of relief and can concentrate on other things. He can either spend the time saved on preparing for the subject and understanding the concepts, focus on his part-time job, spend quality time with family, socialize, play a sport, engage in arts or simply relax. All of them being very important factors for leading a quality life.

While Australian universities have carved a high repute for themselves throughout the world, it comes with a cost. The cost is in terms of the stringent rules and regulations a student needs to abide by. Focus on assignment writing and academic performance is so much that students begin to take a hit.  This is where the experts saw an opportunity to lend a helping hand to the students and free them of the assignment writing woes. So now the students have a choice to outsource their assignment writing. And, all the associated stress diminishes in a jiffy. This is because assignment or dissertation writing calls for immense attention and time devotion. While it’s easy to begin assignment writing with full spirit, it’s much easier to lose the steam mid-way considering the efforts demanded. More so for conceptual subjects like Economics or Statistics. Let us understand it in more details.

Why Students Need Assignment Help in Economics?

The subject of Economics delves deep into people, communities, and aspects of governance. It is applicable to fields that impact and involve a society like people, business, healthcare, and organizations. On one side Microeconomics deals with these factors at an individual’s level or at a business level. Wherein it speaks about how a small business or individual behaves in line with several governmental norms and excess or scarcity of products and services. Amongst the major concepts involved are: demand and supply of goods and services, market fluctuations, and more.

economicsOn the other hand, Macro-economics is the study of these factors on a larger scale: at the level of industries, banks, business cycles. It speaks of the parameters that impact the entire society like the production of goods and services, trade, inflation or recession.

Most of the times college students find it difficult and extremely conceptual to gain a deeper understanding of the subject. It becomes more difficult when universities in Australia consider assignment writing an integral part of the curriculum and students are bound to work on several of them during a semester. This tough scenario pushes them to seek economics assignment help from professional academic writers and subject experts for a quality-driven assignment in the subject.

At GoAssignmentHelp, our team of professional writers, SMEs, researchers, and proof-readers, work in perfect unison to assist all college students with that winning assignment that fetches them the top grade. Assignment experts have all the experience to work with the right topic/theme, gather relevant data, follow the correct research methodology, and provide a perfect conclusion. And, doing all of this while abiding by university guidelines to the core: using perfect Australian English, collating unique, and 100% plagiarism free content.

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Our core team understands the implications of late submissions and offers the promise to complete your assignment within the agreed timelines. Our promise of the highest quality ensures you sure shot success with your assignment grades. So, stop thinking and act fast now. Call us today to discuss your assignment requirements, 24*7.


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